Private Equity Websites is a portfolio of the best private equity website design by NYC web design firm ( We are the web designers for private equity firms of all sizes. All of our sites are responsive, which means they mobile ready. We also offer private equity firms logo design. We also program in a customized content management system to your site to make updating the site simple and fast. Our goal is to break your website out of the clutter.

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Case Studies

New York
Tailwind Capital focuses on growth-oriented, middle-market firms in the sectors of Healthcare, Business Services and Industrial Services. We utilized a unique image of tandem flight to match the unique headline.
One Equity
New York | Chicago | Frankfurt
One Equity is a middle-market firm focusing on industrial, healthcare, and technology sectors in North America and Europe. Several team members are rowers and it proved to be a perfect way to show the unique value-added characteristics of the firm. There is also cross-referenced filtering in the portfolio.
Altus Capital Partners
Wilton, CT | Lincolnshire, IL
Altus Capital Partners is a Connecticut-based middle-market firm focused on manufacturing. We used a carousel technique to show their different investments along with an interesting case study section.
RPS Holdings
Los Osos, CA
RPS provides highly-engineered solutions in the Aerospace and Defense electronics industry utilizing a buy and hold strategy. Aerospace provides some of the most intriguing imagery and we were lucky enough to take advantage.
Pacific Growth Investors
Torrance, CA
Pacific Growth Investors completes structured growth equity investments as the sponsor of entrepreneurially owned lower middle market businesses. To emphasize their uniqueness, we designed a full-monitor L.A. image homepage and scrolldown site.
Energy Capital Partners
Short Hills, New Jersey | San Diego, California
Energy Capital Partners invests in North America's energy infrastructure. We used a variety of images from their power generation, midstream gas, electric transmission and energy/environmental services sectors to give the viewer a clear view of this substantial firm. We also create substantial investors meeting applications for Energy Capital Partners.
GCP Capital Partners
New York
8 of GCP's portfolio companies have grown from "acorns" to "mighty oaks" (exiting at $1 billion enterprise values or higher). This, and the highly-expeirenced team with a long track record, is shown through an intriguing homepage image.
Sentinel Capital Partners
New York
Sentinel is one of the nation's leading lower middle market private equity firms. Many of their investments, in both quantity and quality, are household names. We created a jQuery scroller of their many investments. These logos cross-reference throughout the site.
Staple Street Capital
We created this ultra clean site leveraging the theme of "critical inflection points." The themes of the homepage are carried through the rest of the site and into the mobile friendly delivery.
Sycamore Partners
Sycamore specializes in retail and consumer investments featuring the most recognizable brands on the planet. We developed a clean site allowing these powerhouse brands to speak for themselves.
Grain Management
Washington DC | Sarasota, FL
Grain does innovative private equity transactions in the Communications industry. We featured a unique iconography layout in the About section to embellish their sectors.
Serent Capital
San Francisco
This sophisticated site features a Case Studies section (cross-referenced to the Team), showing how Serent is actively engaged with their portfolio companies.
KSL Capital
Denver | New York | London
KSL Capital Partners is a firm dedicated to investing in travel and leisure businesses. We put together a unique logo overlay in the portfolio section to emphasize the investments.
Patoka Capital
Patoka is a family office based in Louisville that grows niche companies. The name "Patoka" is from a river wildlife refuge area in southern Indiana. We used imagery from Patoka and Louisville to capture the unique qualities of the firm.
Bregal Investments
London | NYC | Munich | Jersey | Dallas
Bregal Investments is a global private equity and we embellished that with a unique globe shape featuring all of their companies. On scroll or click, information and links showed for each company. Site also features a Corporate Social Responsibility page.
Excelsior Energy Capital
Excelsior, MN
Excelsior Energy Capital is a pure-play renewable energy infrastructure fund focused on long-term investments in operating wind and solar power plants in North America. We incorporated a unique scrolldown structure to efficiently show their themes.
Spruceview Partners
NYC | Boston
Spruceview is more than an Outsourced Chief Investmet Officer founded on the belief that institutions deserve better management with more personalized service. We highlighted this by using candid shots of staff to show they are the next generation in institutional investment management.
Bison Capital
Los Angeles | New York
A middle-market firm that provides flexible capital, we loved the silhouette from the Bison logo and endeavored to utilize it by masking their business services and healthcare services portfolio companies inside it. It's also an effective watermark throughout the site.
Trive Capital
Trive is a Dallas-based middle-market firm that emphasizes partnering with management teams to drive transformation upside. We used portfolio imagery and sliding logos to emphasize.
Saw Mill Capital
Briarcliff Manor
Partnership is the central theme to Saw Mill Capital's work. We integrated a road framed with foliage to embellish the headline.
Sterling is a private equity firm that has a 25+ year history of partnering with management teams to build companies in the Business Services, Consumer, Specialty Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, and Value-Added Distribution sectors. We used a unique carsousel of portfolio companies.
Starlight Investments
Starlight Investments is the recognized leader in North American Multi-Family and Commercial Real Estate. The site features robust sections for their investment vehicles and portfolio.
SevenMile Capital Partners
New York
SevenMile Capital Partners seeks investment opportunities in Industrial and we designed several interesting industrial shots into a site with a complex admin system to update the site.
Northlane Capital
Bethesda, MD
Northlane Capital Partners is a middle market private equity firm that wanted emplhasis on their verticals: healthcare, business services and industrial technology. We did that with an industry portfolio and case studies page.
MSouth Equity Partners
MSouth Equity Partners is one of the South's leading private equity firms. Along with a complex filtering system for the portfolio section, we embellished the roots of the firm with panoramic shots of the South.
J.W. Childs
J.W. Childs is a Boston-based operationally focused private equity firm with retail, consumer, and healthcare sector expertise in middle-market growth companies. They sought to highlight their operational insight and sector expertise. We showcased the team and investment pages that cross-reference both aspects of the firm.
Yellow Wood Partners
Yellow Wood invests exclusively in the consumer industry and knows that every brand is unique. We used large carousel images of their brand consumer products.
Balance Point Capital
Westport, CT
Balance Point Capital is a Connecticut-based middle-market private equity firm that boast flexibility. We instituted this gyroscope with a sophisticated portfolio sorting system to convey their messages and themes.
Benefit Street Partners
New York
Benefit Street Partners is a credit-focused alternative asset management firm. We created a parallax site that emphasizes their investment strategies.
Vance Street Capital
Los Angeles, California
Vance Street Capital is an L.A.-based middle-market private equity firm investing in aerospace, defense, industrial and medial sectors. We designed a very horizontal site to show their deep domain experience.
Brookstone Partners
New York
Brookstone Partners is a middle-market private equity firm focusing on Aerospace, Building Products, Healthcare, Medical, Packaging, and Plastics. We used several close-up portfolio images to show their expertise.
Seven Point Equity Partners
Seven Point is an operationally-focused middle-market firm; we used this stunning manufacturing photo inside a modern, scroll-down site that also incorporates a "sticky" navigation bar.
DCH Partners
DCH Partners is healthcare-focused private equity firm. Our goal was to break out of the usual healthcare clutter and create a unique crisp site that speaks to this community.
Orion Energy Partners
Orion partners with North American and select international middle market energy infrastructure and services companies. We developed a site that highlights their uniquely qualified team and their smart middle-market strategy.
Sequel Holdings
Sequel Holdings invests in food and beverage, agribusiness, plastics and specialty materials companies within the middle market. Their portfolio companies are like no other and we embellished on that in the design.
Calvert Street Capital Partners
Calvert is a Baltimore-based lower middle-market firm that partners with owner-operators in Industrial Services, Business Services, Healthcare Information Technology and Specialty Manufacturing. The wonderfully-designed portfolio filters by alpha, industry and status.
Sheridan Legacy
Sheridan is a Chicago-based family office private equity firm with offices in the iconic Wrigley Building. We used a stark black and white photo of the building to create a unique responsive homepage.
Greenbriar Equity Group LLC
New York
Greenbriar focuses on privately negotiated investments in global transportation. They emphasize aerospace and air transport, automotive, distribution, industrial equipment and compnents, logistics, MRO, and surface transport. We used striking imagery and a fully cross-referenced site between bio and investments to integrate information.
Platforma Capital Group
Dominican Republic
Plataforma is an exciting new private equity firm in the Dominican Republic. They wanted a modern scroll-down site with iconography and with a gorgeous, stylized full-monitor image.
Ojala Holdings
One of the most unique looks we've ever done. It is a metaphor for sailing above the rest of the me-too crowd. Extremely effective messaging as they are dedicated to generating asymmetic returns for family office and high-net worth investors.
Sandton Capital Partners
New York | Los Angeles | London | Luxembourg | Chapel Hill | Houston | Madrid | Munich | Paris
Sandton Capital Partners is a worldwide operation. We developed a site in English, French, German and Spanish.
GenNx360 Capital Partners
New York | Boston | Seattle
GenNx is a team of industry insider operational and investment management experts. They guide and support management at their industrial services and business services portfolio companies as well as lever a global network of relationships. We accentuated their industries and companies right from the homepage.
Brookside Equity Partners
Brookside invests in middle-market companies using patient, flexible, evergreen family capital enabling us to use wonderful evergreen imagery to embellish their theme.
MG Capital
New York
MG Capital is an unlevered private equity real estate manager investing in residential luxury properties on Manhattan. We developed a look that took the user both to the macro and street level.
Peloton Equity
Greenwich, CT
A privated equity firm dedicated to providing growth capital to innovative healthcare companies, Peloton's concept is, "Work with us to harness the power of the peloton." We wanted to be super unique depicting a peloton, so we used a beautiful black and white photo to break Peloton Equity out of the clutter.
Harren Equity
Charlottesville, VA
Harren emphasizes their significant operational experience for the middle-market. We used a variety of portfolio company imagery throughout the site to embellish.
Clearspring Capital Partners
Clearspring is a Toronto-based middle market private equity firm that invests in and acquires companies through buyouts, growth and acquisition financings, going private transactions, industry consolidations, restructurings, and recapitalizations. Clearspring is unique in the Canadian middle market. We showed this with a split page of portfolio shots across from the content.
Periscope Equity
A "long scroll" site with precise icons and a sharpened focus on functionality creates an intelligent view to this entrepreneurial private equity firm.
Ironwood Capital
Avon, Connecticut
Ironwood Capital is a Connecticut-based middle-market private equity firm. Their pitch is "Capital. Simplified." and we punched this theme by using a single ironwood tree with simple animated text to the left and right of the trunk.
Latigo Partners
New York
Latigo is a fund manager identifying the most attractive risk/reward relationship with capital preservation. They're top flight skiers and wanted a look that tied the concepts together.
Denning and Company
San Francisco
Denning is a San Francisco-based Private Placement Agent whose mission it is to screen, select and represent only top-performing PE partnerships and achieve their fund raising goals. We did significant Photoshop work on sailboats in San Francisco harbor to create a very unique look.
One Rock
New York
One Rock has a unique afflication with Mitsubishi Corporation to accelerate growth of its portfolio companies. They also leverage those resources for corporate carve-outs, misunderstood companies, management transitions and underperforming businesses. One Rock takes its name from their original offices at Rockefeller Center.
Ingleside Investors
New York
Ingleside is a family office based in New York City. Instead of a simple background, we used a wonderful city scape of the area around their offices.
Windjammer Capital Partners
Newport Beach, California | Waltham, Massachusetts
Windjammer is the consecutive years' winner of the Middle Market Firm of the Year award. We created a fascinating homepage with features the dual approach of scrolling logos that match to the product that investment is known for and a caption.
Los Angeles, California
Caltius is both a Private Equity and Mezzanine firm based in Los Angeles focusing on small and mid-sized companies. We created a very subtle, yet effective slideshow that highlights not only the companies, but also the deals themselves.
Brynwood Partners
Greenwich, Connecticut
Brynwood Partners is a control-oriented, operationally-focused, lower middle market buyout fund that acquires consumer products companies. Brynwood creates value in their investments through hands-on operational improvements. They take storied brands and rebuild them. We created collages of these investments and ran them through a montitor-wide slideshow burnishing the reality of many successful investments.
Alerion Partners
Darien, Connecticut
Alerion Partners is a Connecticut-based private equity firm investing in consumer products, marketing and business services. We created an "expertise" feel to the site using quotes and imagery from portfolio companies' management.
Invasta Capital
Moscow, Russia
Invasta Capital is a Moscow-based firm specializing in the specialty materials and chemical sectors. Our mobile-friendly solution gives them a unique site.
Wisdom Capital Partners
Greenwich, Connecticut
Wisdom is a new investment shop that needed a logo and a web site. We developed a unique figure-ground reversal logo and since they wanted to get right to the point with their website message, we eschewed imagery and fluff and used a dynamic type solution.
Volcano Capital Partners
New York
Volcano Capital invests in health care. We developed a logo that graphically interpreted a volcano (and the theme "up") and a site that gently rotates health care imagery on the homepage.
Lee Equity Partners
New York
Lee Equity Partners is one of the most storied names in private equity. We created an elegant and smart solution to their message emphasizing their focus and their portfolio.
Diamond Castle Holdings
New York
Diamond Castle Holdings is a New York-based private equity firm with an interesting name. We created a scalable vector graphic in the background using several tones of blue and played that out through all the pages.
Madison India Capital
New Delhi, India
Madison India Capital called us from the other side of the world to create their site. They are a relationship-focused PE firm and we utilized several in-office candid photos to communicate that.
Matthew Pritzker Company
Matthew Pritzker Company is a Chicago-based private equity and philanthropic firm. Because of their very strong ties to the windy city, they looked to have a dominant Chicago image while incorporating a very clean look.
Knighthead Funding
Greenwich, Connecticut
Knighthead funds complex and situational real estate transactions. A knighthead supports the bowsprit on a sailing vessel and this image dynamically shows that strength.
New York | San Francisco
We love it when a client approaches us and says along the lines, "We're more of an under the radar firm, can you do something quiet, yet tasteful?" This is exactly what we did for Tinicum. The information architecture of this site is fantastic.
Roundshield Partners
Roundshield is a London-based European asset-backed special opportunites investment firm. They asked for logo development along with a very stark site that highlighted the sectors they invest in. We did super clean look with a larger logo and imagery of their sectors.
ClearPoint Investment Partners
San Francisco
ClearPoint is a San Francisco-based private equity firm specializing in Business Services and Financial Processing companies. They wanted to emphasize their clarity of focus throughout the site. We used a unique multi-layered image to drive home the point.
Waypoint Residential
Waypoint Residential is a real estate private equity firm specializing in apartment properties. We emphasized geography with their amazing portfolio of properties.